Our Services

Our goals are simple:

  1. Help you maintain a happy, healthy mouth for life
  2. Make sure every visit to our office is a good experience

Whether you see us for your routine cleaning or for a more complex dental procedure, we’re always focused on YOU. We make sure you’re comfortable in our office during your visit, and at home afterward as well. We explain everything and take time to answer your questions. And we help you make choices for your own dental care you can feel good about today — and tomorrow.

Finally, as part of our commitment to helping you maintain total dental health, we will not only treat your tooth problems, we’ll help you understand your risks for future issues. Prevention and proactive dental care are key to keeping your mouth healthy and happy every day.

We believe a healthy mouth is always something to smile about!

Routine Dentistry

For Dr. Harris, every visit is a valuable opportunity to evaluate not just your teeth but your gums and mouth as well. We believe in comprehensive and proactive dental care that will protect your smile as well as your quality of life. Our #1 goal is your total dental health. For regular cleanings and screenings, tooth repairs, or tooth replacements, count on Dr. Harris to give you a healthy mouth to help you look — and feel — your best. Whether you have a minor issue or a major one, we’ll always help you make the right choices for care and treatment that’s right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re hiding your smile, let Dr. Harris give you a smile you’ll share with confidence. Whether your goal is a whiter smile, straighter teeth, or filling in gaps where teeth are missing, Dr. Harris will take the time to help you make the personal decisions that are best for you. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about how teeth look, it’s about how they function – when you chew, when you bite, and when you talk. When you have teeth that work well [and] look good, you’ll feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself, you’ll smile more. Because a healthy mouth is always something to smile about.

Complete Care Dentistry

We believe in happy, healthy smiles for life. Join Dr. Harris as a partner in your dental health and find out what you can do to help keep your mouth healthy, happy, and pain free at every age and stage of your life. Total dental care is focused on prevention, and you play a vital role in that prevention and protection of your future dental health. As a dentist, Dr. Harris is focused on how your oral health impacts your total health, today as well as tomorrow. A healthy smile — and a healthier you — are always our top priorities.

Emergency Dental Care

When you need assistance or advice with a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us. Did you break a tooth on vacation? Did your child lose a tooth during a ballgame? We’re here to help! If you have severe swelling, bleeding, or pain, it’s always best to go to the nearest emergency room FIRST. Consult with us after you determine your health is not at immediate risk. Your safety is always the first priority.

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Featured Testimonial

Dr. Harris and her team are very dedicated to the profession of Dentistry. They are intelligent, know their business, and care for their patients. I am thankful that this team is in the Richmond area. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone that needs a great Dentist.

- Powhatan