Gums: Gingivitis

Treat Your Gingivitis Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Most health problems can be better addressed the earlier you know about them. Gingivitis is no different. The sooner you treat gingivitis, the better. As your partner in your complete dental care, Dr. Harris is committed to detecting and treating any tooth problems you may have today and, whenever possible, preventing any from developing tomorrow.

What is gingivitis? It’s the early stage of gum disease. While today your gums may just be red and swollen, gingivitis can progress into periodontal disease, which not only puts your teeth but your overall health at risk. Why? Because periodontal disease can cause irreversible bone loss in your jaw. It has also been linked to serious health issues like heart disease and osteoporosis.

Gingivitis is usually caused by the buildup of plaque on your teeth. The plaque irritates your gums, and may make them bleed easily — like when you’re brushing your teeth. It may not affect your whole mouth at once. Sometimes it only affects your back teeth.

Some other factors can increase your risk of developing gingivitis, including:

  • Medications that reduce saliva in your mouth — saliva helps protect your teeth and gums
  • Hormonal changes that increase the sensitivity of your gums, like during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause
  • Smoking
  • Family history of gum disease
  • Diabetes
  • Diseases and/or treatments that affect your immune system, like cancer

The good news is gingivitis is reversible! With professional cleaning, and improvements to your daily dental hygiene routine, you can overcome gingivitis and once again enjoy healthy gums. During your regular visits with Dr. Harris, we’ll monitor the health of your gums as well as the health of your entire mouth. After all, a healthy mouth is a happy mouth.

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Everyone was wonderful and instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. Kelly was great, explaining everything she was doing and why. And Dr. Harris also made me feel confident that I, indeed, made the correct choice when choosing her practice. Linda, the receptionist, also was friendly and warm from the moment I stepped into the office. Everyone in the practice emphasizes the patient’s comfort and they go out of their way to reduce anxiety and relieve patient stress. I’m so glad that my husband and I found Dr. Harris and we both highly recommend her and her staff to anyone who is looking for a dental practice with lots of TLC.

- Mosely