Bite Occlusion Equilibration: Missing Teeth: Implants

You Lose a Lot with a Missing Tooth

When you’re missing a tooth, you’re missing much more. A missing tooth can affect not only your smile, but how you eat and speak. It can affect the way you feel about yourself, and how you feel around other people. Dr. Harris is committed to restoring your tooth — and your confidence.

A dental implant is a terrific option for adults with a missing tooth, because it won’t slip like dentures, and is more durable than a partial. It might be a “fake tooth,” but it functions just like your real teeth. You can eat, chew, brush, and floss as you normally would. And, it’s permanent — you never take it out.

What if you’re missing a front tooth?
You’re still a candidate for an implant! In fact, because it’s such a visible spot, it’s one of the best places for an implant. We’ll match the shade and alignment of the implant to your existing teeth. And you’ll have full use of the tooth for things like biting — and smiling.

What if you’re missing more than one tooth?
Implants can still be a choice for you, even if you’re missing two or more teeth. Of course we’ll evaluate the number of teeth that are missing, where they’re located, and your overall dental health as part of the decision process.

What if you already have dentures or partials?
You can still consider implants. We can help you regain some things you may be missing, like eating certain foods. And we can help give you peace of mind, without the worry and embarrassment of slipping and clicking that can happen with dentures.

Let Dr. Harris help you look and feel your best with an implant to make it easier to chew, talk — and smile.

Featured Testimonial

Dr. Harris was great explaining each step through the procedure. She and her staff make you feel very comfortable.

- James, Powhatan