Teeth: Root Canal Treatment

Need A Root Canal Treatment? Don’t Get Stressed Out

We understand root canals treatments are stressful. Your tooth is already painful, and you dread the procedure — one you imagine as painful and scary. Thanks to today’s modern dental practices, the bad reputation root canal treatments have earned over the years is no longer deserved. Plus, Dr. Harris’ technical expertise and our entire staff’s commitment to compassionate care mean your root canal treatment experience will be different. Your health and your comfort are important to us.

So, why a root canal treatment? Root canal therapy is necessary to save your tooth when its interior pulp becomes infected or dies. How does that happen? Infections are caused when bacteria invade the tooth, like through a deep cavity. Sometimes a severe blow to a tooth, which can happen during sports, can cause the pulp to die.

Your tooth may be infected if:

  • It’s sensitive to hot or cold
  • The gums around the tooth are swollen
  • You have pain when you bite or put pressure on the tooth
  • You have throbbing or severe tooth pain that doesn’t go away
  • You have a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away

Unfortunately, such tooth infections do not heal on their own over time. A root canal treatment is your best option to save your tooth — which is preferred over pulling it.

Root canal therapy removes the infection and saves your tooth. It will also prevent the infection from spreading to your jawbone and beyond, which can be even more painful and is dangerous to your health. Our goal for your complete dental health is always to keep your whole mouth healthy — today and tomorrow.

Featured Testimonial

Dr. Harris and her team are very dedicated to the profession of Dentistry. They are intelligent, know their business, and care for their patients. I am thankful that this team is in the Richmond area. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone that needs a great Dentist.

- Powhatan