Crowns Help Keep You Smiling

Because dental crowns serve a variety of purposes, they’re a go-to solution in Dr. Harris’ toolbox of total dental care. Her #1 goal is always making sure your teeth help you look and feel your best.

Think of a crown as a cover that’s placed over an existing tooth — all the way down to the gum line. It’s shaped like a tooth, looks like a tooth, and acts like a tooth. So no matter where in your mouth you need a crown, you can be confident no one will know it’s not your real tooth.

Can you eat regularly with a crown? Absolutely! What about brushing and flossing as you normally would? You bet! Will it match your existing teeth? Of course — Dr. Harris will customize the crown just for you. The best part is, you get to keep your real tooth underneath the crown, right down to the root.

Crowns correct the size, shape, and strength of your teeth, including:

  • Restore a tooth that has been worn down
  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • Keep parts of a broken tooth together
  • Protect a cracked tooth from further damage
  • Cover a tooth that is severely discolored
  • Adjust the shape of a tooth
  • Protect a tooth with a large filling from additional damage
  • Attach a dental bridge and hold it in place

Whatever your reason for considering a crown, Dr. Harris will always help you make the choice that’s best for you — to meet your personal goals, fit with your lifestyle, and keep you smiling with confidence.

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Featured Testimonial

I’m in love with Dr. Harris and her staff! They are always so welcoming and they take the anxiety out of going to the dentist. I can sincerely say I enjoy going to the dentist!

- Mosely