Implant Retained: Dentures

Dentures Give You a New Beginning

Dentures are critical to restoring your quality of life. Your teeth are not only important to your self-esteem, they also help you eat and speak. Dr. Harris is always focused on finding solutions that best fit your individual needs and lifestyle. If you have concerns about living with dentures, implant retained dentures may be the right fit for you.

Implant retained dentures are different than regular dentures in one critical way: Implant retained dentures are actually secured into your jawbone. Small implants like screws are placed into your jawbone, and your dentures will clip to or snap on to the implants. This makes them completely stable — they will not slip when you chew or talk. Yet you can still take them out for easy cleaning. And because they’re natural-looking, no one will know they’re not your real teeth.

If your upper teeth are missing, implant retained dentures have another distinct benefit. Because they’re secured to your jawbone, they can be created without anything covering your upper palate. That means you can bite and chew food as well as enjoy the way it tastes.

After you are fitted with your new dentures, we’ll want to stay on a regular schedule of dental check-ups to keep an eye on them and all the other areas related to your total dental health — like gum disease and screening for oral cancer.

Good dental hygiene is still important after you get dentures. You’ll need to brush your implants, gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth daily. And, of course, you’ll have to care for your dentures — cleaning them and storing them properly.

Dentures are a new beginning in your dental health. Dr. Harris will do more than give you dentures to help you eat and speak — she’ll also give you a reason to smile again.


Our Smiles Before and After:

implant retained denturesBefore
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implant retained denturesBefore
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Featured Testimonial

Each time I come in to see Dr. Harris, I’m amazed at how great the experience is. I’ve had lots of dental work done in my lifetime and I’ve never seen a dentist and staff so dedicated to the comfort and relaxation of the patient. I’m so glad my husband and I found this dental practice!

- Mary, Mosely