Implant Retained: Partials

Replace Your Teeth and Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can be devastating to your self-esteem, and can make it difficult to chew and talk. Gaps can also cause additional problems with your remaining teeth, and even affect your bite. Partial dentures — or “partials” — are an important option to replace missing teeth and maintain your total dental health. It’s all part of Dr. Harris’ commitment to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth, so you can always feel your best.

If you have concerns about living with partials, implant retained partials may be the right fit for you. Implant retained partials are different than regular partials in one critical way: Implant retained partials are actually secured into your jawbone. Small implants like screws are placed into your jawbone, and your partial will clip to or snap on to the implants. This makes the partial completely stable — it will not slip when you chew or talk. Yet you can still take it out for easy cleaning.

There are several additional advantages to choosing an implant retained partial:

  • It will slow or stop bone loss
  • It will save your bone height
  • It prevents your remaining teeth from shifting
  • It doesn’t require modifying nearby teeth
  • You will still have bone to hold dentures

Your partial will look as natural as your real teeth. We carefully match the color, size, and alignment of the teeth on your partial to your existing teeth. We attach the replacement teeth to a plastic base, which resembles the color of your own gums.

The stability and security of an implant retained partial is a plus for many people worried about how dentures will affect their daily lives. When you have teeth that work well and look good, you’ll feel better about yourself. We bet you’ll show them off more often, too. Because a healthy mouth is always something to smile about.

Featured Testimonial

It was great, like I have been going to Dr. Sharon Freeland Harris for the past 10 years. The entire staff is great!

- Irvin, Chester