Whitening: At-Home Teeth Whitening

You Can Help Make Your Teeth Whiter

A healthy smile is one of your greatest assets. We want you to share your smile as often as possible! We believe your total dental health is a partnership — between Dr. Harris and you. In addition to working with Dr. Harris, there are things you can be doing at home to enhance your smile. At-home whitening is one of them.

If you’re considering whitening your teeth at home, let Dr. Harris help you decide which technique is best for you. For example, did you know whiteners may not correct all types of discoloration?

If you have the following, you, unfortunately, may have limited options for at-home whitening:

  • Gray-hued teeth
  • Crowns or fillings on your front teeth
  • Highly cold-sensitive teeth

Dr. Harris will let you know whether you may or may not do at-home whitening.

The key ingredient in at-home whiteners is hydrogen peroxide. The higher the concentration of peroxide and the longer you leave it on, the whiter it will make your teeth. It’s that simple. When you choose an at-home whitener — like strips, gel, or toothpaste — use only those approved by the American Dental Association, and follow the instructions, to keep your teeth safe.

Other at-home treatments like rinsing or brushing with peroxide, baking soda, and lemon juice can also be effective. As with any dental treatment, it’s important to consult Dr. Harris first so you won’t accidentally damage your teeth.

What else can you do at home to help your teeth be their whitest?

  • Reduce or avoid dark-colored beverages like cola, coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Brush your teeth within 30 minutes of eating or drinking tooth-staining foods and beverages
  • Floss daily to avoid darkness at your gumline

At-home whiteners will never give you the same level of whiteness as a professional in-office treatment. If you really want your teeth to be whiter faster, talk to Dr. Harris. Together we’ll help you achieve the whiter, brighter smile you want.

Featured Testimonial

Each time I come in to see Dr. Harris, I’m amazed at how great the experience is. I’ve had lots of dental work done in my lifetime and I’ve never seen a dentist and staff so dedicated to the comfort and relaxation of the patient. I’m so glad my husband and I found this dental practice!

- Mary, Mosely