Emergency Dental Care

When you need assistance or advice with a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us. Did you break a tooth on vacation? Did your child lose a tooth during a ballgame? Are you having a painful toothache that’s distracting you from work? We’re here to help! We offer emergency dental care for our patients, and encourage regular check-ups to reduce the risk of any future dental problems.

If you have severe swelling, bleeding, or pain, it’s always best to go to the nearest hospital ER FIRST. Consult with us after you determine your health is not at immediate risk. Your safety is always the first priority.

Featured Testimonial

Dr. Harris and her team are very dedicated to the profession of Dentistry. They are intelligent, know their business, and care for their patients. I am thankful that this team is in the Richmond area. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone that needs a great Dentist.

- Powhatan