Repair Teeth: Fillings

Fillings Offer Options to Fix Your Teeth

Fillings are for more than cavities. Did you know they’re also for repairing your teeth? When you have a dental problem, you want to fix it quickly, effectively, and as cost efficiently as possible. Dr. Harris understands. She also knows different people have different needs — and preferences. Which is why she always strives to provide treatment options for you to choose from. Fillings are a great option for many tooth repairs.

When you have a cavity — which is tooth decay — you need a filling. That’s usually not a surprise. Cracked or broken teeth can be repaired using fillings, too. In addition, they’re a great solution for teeth that have been worn down from grinding or nail-biting.

So what’s involved with fillings? For cavities, after numbing the area — the tooth and the area around it — Dr. Harris will remove the cavity with a drill, clean the area, and “fill” the area that was taken away. Tooth repairs work the same way.

Today there are several types of fillings to choose from: porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, plastic, tooth-colored, and resin.

We’ll help you decide which filling is right for you, based on:

  • Type of repair — like a crack or cavity
  • Size of the area to be repaired
  • Where your tooth is, and how visible it is
  • Your personal goals and preferences
  • Your lifestyle
  • Durability of the filling material
  • Your insurance
  • Total costs

With Dr. Harris, you’re always in good hands. Whether you have a minor issue or a major one, we’ll help you make the right choices for care and treatment that’s right for you.

Featured Testimonial

I’m in love with Dr. Harris and her staff! They are always so welcoming and they take the anxiety out of going to the dentist. I can sincerely say I enjoy going to the dentist!

- Mosely