Guards: “Night” Occlusal Guard

Protect Your Teeth from Permanent Damage

Nighttime teeth grinding is more than just a bad habit. Did you know it can cause permanent damage? As part of your total dental care, Dr. Harris is focused on prevention. When it comes to grinding, night guards are the key to protecting your teeth from future problems.

Most people don’t know they grind or clench their teeth at night. Why? Because it usually happens while you’re sleeping. Many times we discover the situation when someone, like your spouse, tells you there’s an issue. Other times it becomes evident because you’ll develop pain or other telltale symptoms.

What causes teeth grinding? Stress is usually the culprit. So your grinding may come and go as your stress levels increase and decrease. Regardless of whether your grinding is constant or occasional, you need to take steps to protect your teeth from damage. Without protection, you can wear your teeth down, which affects their function as well as their health, and can be painful.

To protect your teeth, we’ll create a custom occlusal guard — often called a “night guard” — for you to wear over your teeth. The guard creates a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, so they no longer grind against one another and wear down your teeth. Chances are you’ll only need to wear the guard at night. And because it’s made just for you, it’s more comfortable and effective than one you’ll buy over the counter.

We want to help you protect your teeth — and protect your smile. With a guard, Dr. Harris can help you prevent problems avoid costly dental procedures in the future. And that’s always something to smile about.

Featured Testimonial

It was great, like I have been going to Dr. Sharon Freeland Harris for the past 10 years. The entire staff is great!

- Irvin, Chester