Replace Missing Teeth: Partials

You Don’t Have to Lose Your Smile

We understand what it’s like to face tooth loss. You’re embarrassed by what people might think. You’re scared you won’t be able to eat and speak as you normally do. And you’re worried about what will happen to your teeth in the future. Dr. Harris and her staff are committed to protecting your quality of life as well as your teeth. We want you to be your best every day.

When you’ve lost several teeth, you don’t have to lose your smile, too. Partial dentures — or “partials” — will improve your teeth, your confidence, and your peace of mind.

A partial is similar to a “bridge.” In both cases, replacement teeth will be placed between your existing teeth. The difference is how you use them. Partials are removable. Bridges are cemented to your teeth. Partials also have a plastic base that looks like your gums.

Partials vs. Bridges

Why would I choose a partial over a bridge?
Partials are more easily modified. So if you’re facing future tooth loss, partials will give you the flexibility to add new teeth. Partials fit next to your existing teeth without any modification — like shaving the teeth to create anchors for the device. Often, many people simply don’t want to alter their remaining “good” teeth. Finally, in general, partials are less expensive than bridges.

Will partials look like real teeth?
Yes, we match the color, size, and alignment of the teeth on your partial to your existing teeth. Additionally, we attach the replacement teeth to a plastic base, which resembles the color of your own gums. The idea is the partial will look as natural as your real teeth.

Can I choose between a partial and a bridge?
We will help you evaluate the best choice for you. In turn, your dental health and your lifestyle will have an impact on which is best for you.

What about the future?
Partials serve an important purpose beyond their cosmetic benefits. When you have missing teeth, partials will prevent your remaining teeth from moving around and changing position. Ultimately, this is important for your future dental health.

Part of being your best every day is looking and feeling your best. And a healthy mouth is always something to smile about.

Featured Testimonial

Great cleaning with Kelly, she is gentle and explains any findings. Dr. Harris always takes the time to listen to a complete report before doing a final check for findings and recommendations. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! All of the staff are so polite and engaging, talking to you even if you aren’t “their” patient that day. The atmosphere throughout the office is so positive and relaxed, you can hardly help but be relaxed too!

- Kelly, Midlothian