Repair Teeth: Veneers

Fix Your Teeth, Brighten Your Smile

Veneers aren’t just for celebrities who want that perfect close-up. They’re for people like you who want — and sometimes need — a whiter, brighter, straighter, stronger smile. Dr. Harris knows the close-up that really counts is the one you see reflected in your mirror.

Why do people need veneers? Many times it’s to repair your teeth after an injury. Sometimes it’s to correct discoloration that can happen from a medical treatment. Of course, other times it’s purely cosmetic — and that’s important too. The ultimate goals are to increase your confidence and make sure your teeth are comfortable, functional, and don’t cause pain.

Whether for one tooth or all of your teeth, veneers solve a variety of dental issues — like a tooth that turns gray after a sports injury, or several teeth that may be chipped after an accident. Veneers are also regularly used to fix uneven, misaligned, or irregularly shaped teeth. They’re even used to close gaps between teeth.

What is a veneer exactly? Think of it as a thin shell that’s custom-made to cover the surface of your tooth. A veneer can change your tooth’s color, shape, size, texture, or length. It’s bonded to your tooth with cement, so you can eat and drink as you regularly would. You’ll care for a veneer just like your original teeth, by brushing and flossing. Best of all, it looks so natural no one will know it’s not your “real” tooth.

Is a veneer right for you? Together we’ll review your goals and your lifestyle to determine that answer. Then we’ll talk about the advantages of different types of veneers so you can make the best decision for you — and your smile.

Finally, there is one thing Dr. Harris knows for sure: When you’re more confident about your smile, you’ll use it a lot more often.

Our Smiles Before and After:

before veneersBefore
after veneersAfter

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